Limited Validity Passport

How to Replace a Limited Validity Passport


You may replace a limited validity passport at anytime, however goverment fees will vary depending on when you apply.

Complete Online Application DS-11

  • Must be completed online, it cannot be handwritten
  • Must be printed on single sheets of paper - double sided printing is not allowed

Actual US Passport

  • You must submit your current passport which is not damage passport

Letter from US Consular Office

If your limited validity passport was issued by a US Consulate Office overseas a letter was included with instructions for obtaining a new, full validity passport.

You must include this letter with your application when applying for your full validity passport.

Two Authorization Letters

Letter of Authorization will be issued when you come in person. If you are not coming in our office and doing it by mail. Please Call (310) 446-4130 for Authorization Letter

Flight Itinerary

  • You must include a copy of your flight itinerary or ticket holdings
  • If You do not have a Travel Itinerary or ticket Please call: (310) 446-4130

One Passport Photo

  • Must be 2x2in on a white background (Recent Photo within one month)

Click here for Fees and Processing Times