At FB Express, we know how to get things done quickly. We have years of experience in the industry, which has garnered us the right connections and expertise to serve customers in Los Angeles, CA.

Whether you need new US passports for yourself or loved ones or simply more pages in your own passport, we have the means to provide you with US passport services. If you and your loved ones have recently had your US passports stolen or lost, do not worry about it. FB Express will get you new ones in 24 hours.

Your travel plans can still happen even if you or someone you are traveling with has an expired passport. Just make sure that you give us 24 hours and we will have the renewed passport ready before your trip.

At FB Express, we can also do passport translation for you. If you are traveling to a non-English-speaking country, you may want to have your passport translated into the language of that country, as there are certain countries that require it for you to be admitted into the country.

While it is not common, you may find that your particular destination requires translations of your legal documents. You may discover this close to your departure date and have to scramble for legal translating services. But before you panic, take a look at our services and find peace of mind with FB Express.

Travel does not have to be hectic when there are people like us around to make everything run smoothly. You can relax when you put your travel needs in our hands. You will make it to your destination with FB Express. Schedule an appointment today!

Time Rates
3 WEEKS $300
3 - 4 WEEKS $250
6 - 7 WEEKS $150