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At just $449 get your passport within 24 hours. Please call 310-446-4130 & 310-446-4120 now.

Do you need a passport rush service to get you a 24 hour US passport? Is an expired passport messing with your travel plans? Are you stressed out because you have to be somewhere out of the country in only a few days but just found out that your passport is expired?

Breathe in, breathe out. At FB Express, we have a 24 hour US passport service that will put all the stress behind you and move your travel plans along again. We offer you all the help you need to get your passport expedited. Forget about waiting longer than you have to. We have the right connections and expertise to get you a 24 hour US passport.

Come to our office and bring your passport photos, information, and relevant paperwork. We will do everything on our side to get your passport expedited so that you do not have to cancel your important travel plans. You deserve to live stress free and at an affordable price.Your passport can be ready for travel within 24 hours. Your passport renewal can be finished before your trip. With our connections with passport agencies and our years of experience, we provide a stress-free way to renew your passport.

Travel is often time-sensitive, and you want to travel when you have made plans to do so. For most people, it is nearly impossible to change travel plans that have been scheduled. Whether you are a parent and you have found someone to watch your kids while you are gone, or you have business proposals and plans hanging in the balance while you make a business trip, your travel plans often must happen for when you have planned them. An expired passport can be a real problem when plans must be carefully executed.

But do not worry. FB Express can help. Schedule an appointment with us today and keep your travel plans!

Time Rates
4 TO 7 WEEKS $150

Providing services online

Providing services online

FB Express is at your service with online services!

As we know, the two countries of Canada and the United States are among the largest in the world. Traveling between states and their various cities sometimes takes a day or more. Considering this, until now, receiving various services for some compatriots has resulted in a waste of time and money as much as a few working days. But our good news for you is that from now on you don't need to travel to get passport services. All these services are provided to you by FB Express completely online and offline. Just contact us through the website, social networks or phone numbers. It should be noted that wherever you are in USA, Canada or even Europe, we provide you with these services.