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The consulate fee must be paid by money order to the consulate of china, an additional $5.00 will be added to obtain the money order if you do not provide it.  



Visa Requirements Description
Actual Passport You must submit your current passport which is not damaged, Signed and valid for 6 months and should have two blank visa pages.
Copy of valid identitification Address on driver's license of Identification card must match address on the application If the address on your license does not match your residence, you may include a copy of a major utility bill, i.e. water, power, or sewage
Copy of Flight Itinerary You must provide a copy of your flight itinerary or ticket
US Legal Status You must provide a copy of your legal status, i.e. Green card, I-94, or United States Visa
Original Business Letter (For Business Visa) The Original Business letter should be on the company letter head with an orignal signature Name, address and phone number of the contact person in China must be in the letter The letter must state the name, position, nature of work ,for how many days where he/she is staying and identify who provide financial guarantee.
Invitation Letter (For Business Visa) Original or scaneed copy of invitation letter on the company letter head with the company seal or the red sealfrom the official foreign ministry