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modify passport

What is a passport?

A passport is an official identification document issued by the government of any country to its citizens. By means of a passport, one government requests another to allow its citizen to enter the territory of that country. This permission is also called visa or visa. In fact, the passport is, on the one hand, the exit permit of the citizen of the country, and on the other hand, it is the guarantor of his security and rights in the destination country. Therefore, the stronger the political power and international relations of the passport-issuing country, the more countries this document will be valid for. It should be noted that US citizens do not need a visa to enter any of the 27 countries that are members of the European Union, as well as the United Kingdom.

The importance of passport information

We all know that a passport is an international document. We will be recognized with the degree that we are anywhere in the world and in any country. Each passport contains information. Data including: identity details, place of birth, citizenship and residential address. Add to these information such as the date of issuance and expiration of the passport, previous trips, etc. The importance of this information is that when our passport is checked by the security officer of the country we are in, the details of this information will be important. If the data in our passport is wrong, there may be unpleasant consequences. For this reason, we recommend that you always update your passport information and ensure its accuracy!

Passport amendment with FB Express

اصلاح مشخصات پاسپورت Modify passport details

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