Passport photo

passport photo

What is a biometric photo?

The biometric image is taken based on certain standards and tips. This photo is a necessary document to obtain a passport, visa, residence card and citizenship. As you know, the most important part of the visa process is identification. In this security process, appearance characteristics and biometric data are compared. This set of measures is done to prevent forgery and identity theft. Today, passports are an important part of travel. The new passports use biometric information and are a combination of data such as image, name, fingerprint, color and iris scan design and a digital photograph of the passport holder. Digital information is embedded‌ in a chip. Biometric photo is required when traveling to different countries and obtaining Schengen visas, Canada and America.

Importance of biometric photo

passport photo عکس پاسپورت

Biometric photo is required‌ for identification in new security processes. Therefore, if your image does not meet the standard conditions, your identification may stop. Normally, each standard image or biometric has a three-year expiration period. The passport image meets the following conditions:

  • No unusual makeup
  • without glasses
  • Complete definition of the face including the corners of the eyebrows, cheeks, chin and forehead
  • Not using decorative items on the face
  • without a hat
  • No tie
  • No necklace
  • No writing, designs or labels on the clothes
  • Not wearing white and green clothes
  • Not using open collar or long collar clothes

Passport photo with FB Express

passport photo عکس پاسپورت

In the meantime, one of the services we provide to you at the FB Express office is the passport photo. Photographing in compliance with all the standard points considered by the passport office. All passport photo services can be done‌ for you by the FB Express office in person and online. FB Express Office, with more than 23 years of experience in the field of official documents, provides you with the necessary services quickly and without the need to visit in person. We can and must!

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