Official representative of the US Passport Office

us passport office

US Passport Office

The U.S. Passport Office formulates and implements policies related to immigration and consular services and is responsible for providing consular services within and outside the United States.

The State Department’s consular affairs are carried out for millions of people around the world. Passport Office is responsible for issuing passports and other documents to citizens and nationals, and facilitating legal travel to the United States. The 29 U.S. passport agencies and centers, 26 of which deal directly with the U.S. public, are all under the administration. Extensive consular activities and solving the legal concerns of citizens and nationals are among their actions.

In addition the responsibility of these duties in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is assigned to the Assistant Minister of Consular Affairs, and their implementation abroad is assigned to consular officers appointed in embassies and consulates.

Passport Office in Los Angeles

اداره پاسپورت لس آنجلس

The Los Angeles Passport Office is located at the intersection of Wilshire Boulevard and Whittier Avenue in this city. This office is considered one of the largest and most active units throughout the United States. Click here to see the address on the official website!

FBExpress, Official representative of the US Passport‌ Office

In order to make things easier for citizens and nationals, the United States Passport‌ Office has introduced a number of companies as its representatives in the states. The FBExpress is one of these representatives in the state of California. Which acts as an official representative of the US Passport Office. After that this title allows the FBExpress to perform passport related tasks for citizens and immigrants at a very high speed and serve them.

پاسپورت آمریکایی

FBExpress’s office is located in Los Angeles, California, USA. In short you don’t need to go to Washington to do office work. contact us.