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Text translation

Today, with the expansion of communication and related technologies in the world, we are witnessing the rapid transfer of information and concepts among people. One of the challenges faced by human societies in the past in the field of information transfer is language differences. Filling this gap is the science of translation, which translates texts from one language to another.

Simple translation challenges

Translation usually faces challenges. One of the most important problems in translation is the lack of complete transfer of concepts from the source text to the target text. These problems mainly occur due to incomplete translation of words and sentences. For example, sometimes a word in English has a meaning, but when placed next to other words in a sentence, its meaning changes completely. Translation of idioms or proverbs has always been one of the challenges of smooth translation.

مکالمه خارجی

Native translation

A text, whether a legal text, a book, an article, or any other writing, can be fully translated into a new language only if its translation is done natively. In this translation, the sentences are understood in the source language by considering the terms and proverbs and colloquial conversations.

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ترجمه بومی

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