Re-Entry Permit

Re-Entry Permit

Re-Entry Permit

A white passport is used to leave the United States indefinitely. The purpose of a White Passport or Re-Entry Permit is an exit permit from the United States; those who are permanent or temporary residents of the United States must stay in the United States for six months or 180 days each year. Otherwise, the green card of these people will be in danger; Of course, for those who have been away from the United States for more than six months, there are ways to return, but overall, it is a risk for you.

In fact, a Re-Entry Permit is a license to extend your six-month stay outside the United States to two years. This means that you are requesting an emergency that requires you to stay away from the United States for a longer period of time, and this permit will be issued to you in this way.

Necessary documents to obtain a permit to leave the United States

Completed Form I-131
A copy of the visa and entry stamp
A copy of the first page of the passport
Two color photos with white background for the last 30 days
Payment that depends on age ‌

پاسپورت سفید یا Re-Entry Permit

FBExpress, Official representative of the US Passport Office

In order to make things easier for citizens and nationals, the United States Passport Office has introduced a number of companies as its representatives in the states. The FBExpress is one of these representatives in the state of California. Which acts as an official representative of the US Passport Office. After that this title allows the FBExpress to perform passport related tasks for citizens and immigrants at a very high speed and serve them.

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