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US passport is a valid and powerful document. US citizens and passport holders of this country can travel to 184 countries in the world without a visa. Because of the large number of countries that US citizens can travel to without a visa, it is easier to list some that require a visa. US citizens do not need a tourist visa to enter any of the 27 countries that are members of the European Union, as well as the UK.

USA and Canada

It is interesting to know that Canada has only two land borders; One with Alaska and the other with the United States of America. Many citizens of the United States and Canada easily travel between the two countries and even have close relatives. The culture of these two countries is very close to each other, although they are not geographically far apart. The political relations between the governments of the two countries are also close and cordial in many cases. In this regard, citizens of two countries sometimes find the need to do administrative work in the other country. The Westwood office of the US Passport Office representative also provides passport services in Canada.

Passport services

The FB Express office is the official representative of the United States Passport Office in the state of California. The passport services provided by this office are as follows:

  • Passport issuance
  • Passport renewal
  • Modification of specifications
  • Reissue due to loss and…
  • Change of residence
  • Removing the ill effects of illegal entry
  • White passport
  • Second passport

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Online passport services in Canada

All passport related services for Canadian citizens can be done in person and online by the FB Express office. If you are traveling to Canada or living in this country, please contact our office. FB Express Office, with more than 23 years of experience in the field of official documents, provides you with the necessary services quickly and without the need to visit in person.

FB Express’s office is located at 1334 Westwood Blvd., Los Angeles. Contact us!
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